<p>Computer Science Faculty<br /> Computer science refers to a set of skills and disciplines that focus on computer theoretical foundations, design and development methods. It concentrates on understanding and examining features that underpin computer programs. It leads to developing new programs or upgrading existing ones. Computer science was first recognized as a university degree in 1960.<br /> It includes several areas from study of algorithms and computation limits to more practical functions such as developing computer hardware and software. The Computer Science Accreditation Board has defined four major areas of computer science:<br /> I.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Computation Theories<br /> II.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Algorithms and Data Structure<br /> III.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Programming Languages<br /> IV.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Computer Engineering<br /> In addition to those, the Board has listed software engineering, artificial intelligence, computer networks, database systems, paralleled processing, human-computer interaction, computer graphics, operating systems and numeral computation as key computer science areas of study.<br /> Computer Science at Avicenna<br /> Considering importance and functions of computer science, the growing demand for it in Afghanistan and its effects on the country&rsquo;s development and economic growth, Avicenna launched computer science program under a single department in 2012 to turn the country into a developed information community.<br /> The Faculty comprises of two departments: Information Technology and Software Engineering. Undergraduate program of the faculty includes theoretical computer science and practical application of computer know-how in areas of information technology and software engineering. The goal of faculty is to prepare students for immediate employment upon graduation as computer system analysts, software engineers, network administrators, system administrators, information system managers, web developers, or business applications developers. In the meantime, the faculty provides requirements for advanced specialization in information technology, software engineering and related fields. Moreover, the Computer Science programs are designed to prepare students for Master&rsquo;s Degree in computer science and other advanced programs.<br /> AU Computer Science Department is affiliated with and accredited by CISCO. AU is also the first Afghan University to get membership of Microsoft Academy.</p> <p>Advantages of AU Computer Science<br /> 1.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Professors and academic cadre<br /> Computer science faculty enjoys support of a strong cadre structure and erudite professors, holding, at least, master&rsquo;s degree, and international professors that have, altogether, created a productive educational milieu and works tirelessly to improve students&rsquo; competence.<br /> 2.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Laboratory<br /> Computer science faculty has established two well-equipped laboratories for professors and students to conduct academic and research works. CISCO and Microsoft academies have provided the required equipment for a special computer network laboratory.<br /> 3.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Library<br /> Avicenna Library is one of the biggest and well-resourced in Afghanistan. Containing the most updated books, the library provides 24-hour service to AU teachers and students. It contains about 400 reference books on computer science. Avicenna has also developed a rich electronic library.<br /> 4.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Internet<br /> Avicenna provides high speed internet to AU students and professors.<br /> 5.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Membership in CISCO Academy<br /> AU is proud to have become a CISCO member. It has signed a contract with Kabul University Computer Science Faculty which serves CISCO support and training center in Afghanistan.<br /> CISCO is a well-known international academy for computer network and network security services. It was founded in 1997 and introduced global training courses on computer networks. CISCO establishes collaboration links with nonprofit, nongovernment institutions that is certified as eligible, holding proper education environment, equipment and teachers. The Academy provides standard curriculum, virtual learning tools, educational support, teacher training and professional development opportunities for member organizations teachers.</p> <p>CISCO membership indicates Avicenna&rsquo;s educational quality and credibility. More than 165 countries are members to CISCO Academy and hundreds of thousands of students are annually use CISCO training programs to advance their professional skills in designing and maintain network so that they embrace better career prospects.</p> <p>Benefits of Membership to CISCO Academy<br /> 1.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Accrediting computer science faculty at national and international levels<br /> 2.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Providing world class updated curriculum<br /> 3.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Training teachers to apply CISCO curriculum<br /> 4.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Providing fully equipped and modern computer networks<br /> 5.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Proving virtual learning and training support tools<br /> 6.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Online exam and awarding international certificate</p>