This four-year joint degree aims to give students a firm grounding in the disciplines of Political Science and Law and to develop a critical understanding of both Irish laws and of the political framework in which the law operates.

What is Law and Political Science?

The disciplines of Law and Political Science are intrinsically linked and directly impact every aspect of our daily lives. The role and power of the constitution and judiciary, human rights and international law, the impact of the EU and Irish law are best understood when both subjects are considered. This course provides the opportunity to learn about the law and political science and better understand their relation to each other.

There are many areas of overlapping interest between the two disciplines such as the interconnectedness between political theory and jurisprudence, the role and power of constitutions and judges, and the interdisciplinarity of human rights and international law.

Course Structure

Students take both subjects equally for the first three years. In your fourth year, you will have the option to concentrate exclusively on either subject or continue with both.

In first-year students take introductory law modules while on the politics side they are given a grounding in the social sciences as a whole, taking modules in Economics and Sociology.

In the second year, there is the option of replacing one political science module with broad curriculum or language modules, while in third year there is the opportunity to study abroad at a university outside Ireland.

Both the Department of Political Science and Law School place great emphasis on innovative thinking and independent thought. We offer a wide-range of research-led modules in the final two years of the programme thus affording you the opportunity to focus on your developing area of interest.

Is it for me?

The Law and Political Science degree train students to be self-motivated, ethically aware and critically reflective citizens. Whether candidates' career goals lie in public leadership, the legal profession, the media, the civil service, academia, public relations, anything in business that requires knowing how government works, positions in international organisations such as the EU or a not-for-profit organisation, law enforcement, private practice, or elsewhere, the degree in Law and Political Science is an ideal platform for attaining those goals. The possibilities are boundless – our alumni pages give an indication of some of the careers followed by Political Science graduates.

What are the entry requirements?

Law and Political Science is an exciting combination of subjects and places on the programme are in very high demand. In 2019, minimum CAO entry points were 567 points with 20 places being available in the programme. Please visit the Study at Trinity website for additional details regarding admissions requirements.