Meeting with Director of Al-Hayat Hospital


Chancellor and legal advisor of Mili Institute of Higher Education hold an initial meeting with director of Al-Hayat hospital and discussed the below points as initial steps for mutual agreements and expanded support with/to each other’s:


1- Al-Hayat hospital will draft an MoU which will include the below points for mutual agreement/signing:


Both parties are committed to sharing updated information about recent progress in the field of health and medicine,


Both parties will invite each other’s faculties and professional staff to the technical meetings,


Mili will provide and facilitate existing libraries and sharing the text bookings as on loan basis to Al-Hayat hospital,


Mili will provide and facilitate hall and meeting rooms for conducting training, meeting, seminars, and conferences to Al-Hayat hospital,


Al-Hayat will encourage its professional doctors to conduct and present the research and other professional workshops at Mili to the students, staff and other audiences,


Director of Al-Hayat hospital will talk to its board members if they are agreed to sign an MoU with Mili that; Al-Hayat hospital will become/be teaching hospital of Mili.

3- If the board members of Al-Hayat are not agreed with the above proposal, then Al-Hayat will sign MoU with Mili for facilitating cycle and stage rounds to Mili students based on affix rate/price per student per month.


4- In addition; Al-Hayat will help Mili, to upgrade and promote its existing teaching hospital (Yusra) or the technical team of Al-Hayat will advise Mili to think on other options after visiting the Yusra hospital.

Appreciation Award


Mili Institute of higher educations was honored by an appreciation award on behalf of the provincial council of Kapisa. Mili institute of higher education thanks to the counsel and renews it’s commitment to quality higher education provision.

Agreement with Salam University.


Today, 11 of January 2020 Mili institute of higher education and salam university signed an agreement on mutual support and research studies.

Curriculum Development training program


Two days of training under the topic "Curriculum Development & revision for Faculties of Mili Institute of higher education" Conducted by Professors each 'Daud Shah Farooq, Sakhidad Saleem & Aadila Anwari' at MIoHE conference room. Worth mentioning that;
Lecturers from Universities also participated in the training.

7th Convocation of Mili Institute of Higher Education


The Mili University Of Higher Education Which Is One Of The Top, National, Authentic And Educational Organization Across The Country.
It Proudly Feels Great Pleasure To Celebrate Its 7th Convocation Of Four Faculty Students (Curative Medicine, Dentistry, Law & Political Science And Institute Of Health Sciences In Which The High-Level Government Officials And A Large Number Of Students’ Families Participated In The Function. Education Which Is The Greatest Necessity Of Our Society, Mili University With Complete Responsibility Fulfilled Its Duties In Offering (368) Brilliant Graduated Personalities To Different Fields In Order To Play A Vital Role In The Development Of Our Deprived Country Afghanistan. So, We Can Say It Was A Very Important &
Glorious Achievement For Society. In The Ceremony Special Guests, Lecturers Were Appreciated By Appreciation Letters And Students By Congratulation Letters.
In Addition, The Delegation Of The University Thanked All The Guests And Congratulates From Wholeheartedly The 7th Convocation For Academic Countrymen, Parents, New Generation And Overall Respectable Graduate Students. May Allah Open The Door Of Success.