Chancellor Messege

Ahmadullah Morshid Safi


Chancellor Biography

Ahmadullah Murshid Safi was born in a pious family in Manogay, Kunar Province, Afghanistan in 1971. He joined Imam Abu Hanifa School at the age of six and managed to complete his high school in 1989.

He also did a one-year course on Teaching Methodology at Salam Educational Institute in 1990. He then completed his bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies at Dawat-Al-Jihad University from 1990 to 1993.

Upon finishing his university studies, he was employed as a teaching assistant. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he successfully completed his master’s degree in Islamic Studies in 1997.

Having reached his full potential, he assumed the role of master trainer in the UN, taking an active part in the organization at the national and international level till 2010.

He then held the presidency of the Eslah Teacher Training Colleges from 2010 to 2015. Further, he now takes great pleasure in having charge of Jamiat Eslah Educational Society.

Besides his office roles and duties, Ahmadullah Murshid Safi also managed to do his second master’s in Education and Social Sciences at Karlstad University in Sweden from 2013 to 2015. He has been collaborating with the university since then. 

He has also taken a great many overseas trips for the purpose of playing an active role in educational, political conferences at the international level.

In addition to speaking Pashto, Dari and Arabic fluently, Mr. Safi has an excellent command of English.

Mr. Safi is the acting chancellor of the Mili Institute of Higher Education.





Chancellor’s Message

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all at Mili Institute of Higher Education, one of the leading institutions of higher education in Afghanistan.

Since its establishment in 2012, Mili Institute of Higher Education has striven to make a far-reaching and positive impact on the Afghan society through quality education, research and development. 

The institution offers a wide-range of academic programs providing career opportunities for professional qualification and growth in the fields of Medicine, Stomatology, Law and Political Science, Midwifery, Nursing and Pharmacy with the help of proficient and qualified professionals.

In addition, our institution's well-equipped libraries, clinical and dental labs enable students to improve their knowledge and practical skills.

We prioritize students' development and attempt to shape a better future. The leadership and faculties of the institution maintain collaborative and constructive relation with national and international institutions to uplift the academic and research skills of the students and faculty members.

The institution is committed to keep pace with the rapid changes of knowledge and technologies and fulfill requirements of the young generation and modern society regarding research and capacity building.

We at Mili Institute of Higher Education believe that to bring out the best, one needs to provide the best – as expected in an environment that triggers excellence – physically, mentally and spiritually.

As the Chancellor of Mili Institute of Higher Education, it is a great honor for me to lead the institution with steadfast commitment to achieve ultimate excellence.

Finally, I wish you all the best to excel in your future goals and careers. However, the journey not ends here – for we are committed to traverse the extra mile and endeavor to make the institute a national reference in the academia and the industry.


Ahmadullah Morshid Safi, MA

Chancellor of Mili Institute of Higher Education


  • Education:

    MS. Islamic Studies, Dawat-Al-Jihad University

    MS. Education and Social Sciences, University of Karlstad, Sweden

    B.A Islamic Studies, Dawat-Al-Jihad University


    Ahmadullah Morshid Safi has a rich history of working experience. 

    Mr. Safi served as master trainer in the office of UN

    Served as lecturer at the Universities of Dawat-wal-Jihad, and Salam.

    Served also as head of the Eslah Institute

    Currently serving as the acting chancellor of MIoHE and the head of education of Eslah Organization.