Program Details

The faculty of Medicine has three main departments, including basic science, Para clinic and clinic.

Department of Para clinic of the institute has taken basic steps in the basic paraclinical subjects to increase learning and medical capacities and applied works of students. The department is struggling to move the medical society of Afghanistan towards standardization.

Main Subjects of Para clinic:











The above subjects are a part of the curriculum which are taught between second and fifth semester.



Department of Paraclinic of Mili Institute of Higher Education currently uses modern teaching methods, standard curriculum and implements reinforcement programs in the Department of Paraclinic.

The Department of Paraclinic is determined to take concrete steps in the direction of academic growth and personal development of students through contemporary teaching programs, practical applications and sub-programs.


Dr. Hedayatullah Oryakhel

Dr. Muhammad Sharif Saleh

Dr. Tamem Pazhman

Dr. Muhammad Adil Aren

Dr. Sardar Wali Sahil

Dr. Sadaam Sherzai

Dr. Yaad Muhammad Nazari

Dr. Zabihullah Melad

Dr. Nasrat Faisal

Dr. Waheed Wardag

Dr. Sultana Latif Rai

Dr. Zia Gul Mahboob

Dr. Zobina Malik

Dr. Suna Kohistani


Biography of HoD:

Dr. Nusratullah Faisal

Dr. Nusratullah Faisal, son of Dr. Muhammad Hashim Siddiqui is the acting HOD of the department of Paraclinic. He was born in 1377 in the city of Kabul in a religious and educated family. He is graduated from Experimental High School located in Samangan province. He later passing the entrance examination and secured his way to the medical faculty of Nangarhar University, and graduated with grade A.

Dr. Nasratullah appointed as a teacher at Mili Institute of Higher Education in 2021 as a lecturer and later appointed as the head of the Para clinic Department.