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The Arabic language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and for Muslims, it’s a sacred language and has particular importance for them.

Mili Institute of Higher Education is striving to serve this sacred language and for that the department of Arabic language was established in the early years of 2015 to fulfill the palpable thirst and demand of the people for the Arabic language.

The department of Arabic is offering short and long courses whereas the Arabic one-year diploma is the priority of the department which has hundreds of males and females.


To revive and give a fresh respiration to the Arabic language and present its true literary form as it’s a sacred language of Holy Quran, Hadith and paradise.




To serve the Arabic language as it’s the sacred language of Islam and it’s widely spoken internationally.


To offer the true literary image of the Arabic language.

To graduate students with high Arabic competency and fluency

To present the true Islamic culture which has been tarnished from many aspects.

To popularize the Arabic language among Afghans.

To make students ready for Islamic teachings.