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Ayarul Haq Shams



Ayarul-Haq Shams has born in 1979 in a religious family of AkhundZada in the province of Laghman. His father and grandfather were local religious scholars.

The Grandfather of Ayarul-Haq has sent his grandchildren including Ayarul-Haq himself to Pakistan for religious studies. Mr. Ayarul-Haq soon improved himself and gained the attention of his teachers, but soon he fell ill and doctors directed him to return and stay at home.

Mr. Ayarul-Haq started his walk of life as a businessman and today he has vast business activities in Afghanistan and also in other parts of the world.

It has to be mentioned that many countries have offered him permanent residency, but his love for the country of Afghanistan and the people didn’t allow him to go abroad. Mili Institute of Higher Education is one of his charitable activities for the betterment of society.


Getting promotion in the 21st century is full of difficulties. However, the people who light the candles of education can wisely combat these challenges and circumstances successfully. Luckily, Afghan nation gradually gets suitable advancement and updates higher education. Besides, it throws out useless theories and formulas. Furthermore, the opportunities of higher education and the mental focus to academic quality assurance are rapidly increased.    

Hereby, the generation that grew up in the flames of wars, lost chances of higher education during Soviet bloody revolution. I am like the other students who were affected seriously by these kind of circumstances which abolished my education opportunities and caused me backward to obtain sacred dreams. On the other hand, I am very lucky to be one of the motivator and facilitator to organize higher education environment for the war-affected generation.

I am so grateful to my Holy God (Allah) that granted me capability to serve my excluded society so that I can please the creator and the human beings.

I have invested in the field where I am able to illuminate the minds of my Afghan community members. Besides, it will be going-on charity for me.

I also promise my countrymen that I work collectively with the cooperation of Mili Institute of Higher Education’s leadership, lecturers and all employees for the quality of Higher education. I wish to offer qualified leaders, active servants and helping-hand educated members to the society according to its needs as well. In the result, they are supposed to be positive minded activists and to lead our generation according to its requirements. Finally, they are going to have vital future whereas we achieve our expected valuable goals and values.

Wishing peaceful and promoted Afghanistan.


Alhaj Ayarulhaq Shams

Founder of Mili Institute of Higher Education


  • Education:

    Islamic Studies