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The Directorate of Research and Publication of Mili Institute of Higher Education organized a handy two-day research workshop for its students from 3rd to 4th Feb 2021.

The workshop aimed to help the students to learn the basics of research, particularly developing a research proposal and designing a research article.

The workshop was particularly organized for the students of Curative Medicine and Stomatology, and presented by Dr. Lutfurrahman Aftab, the director of research and publication.

The training workshop lasted for two days, the presenter shed light on the basic theories of research and its main types and designing methods of modern research articles.

The Participants showed their satisfaction and considered it very efficient for their future, and requested the administration and Directorate of Research and Publication to organize other research training to boost the level of the research inside the university and all across the country.

At the end of the Training, the academic vice-chancellor of Mili Institute of Higher Education Dr. Zabihullah Haris briefly talked about the importance of research, especially for the students of curative medicine and stomatology.