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(July 06, 2021) During a special ceremony, Ahmadullah Murshid appointed as the new chancellor of Mili Institute of Higher Education.

Former chancellor Dr. Sadaqat Yaqubi said his emotional farewell and added that Mili Institute of Higher Education has made tremendous improvement in the past 2 years. Dr. Yaqubi also highlighted the recent developments particularly, in the field of capacity building and research.

Ahmadullah Murshid, the newly appointed chancellor of the Institution praised the achievements of the Institution and pledged his support and commitment for every future challenge.

Finally, Dr. Zabihullah Haris, acting academic vice-chancellor of the Institution welcome the new chancellor on behalf of the staff and promised his commitment to the new chancellor.

 Ahmadullah Murshid has a rich history of teaching and work experience. He has worked with national and international organizations and received his master degree in the field of education.