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This event celebrated at Mili conference hall attending tens of students. At this ceremony all the newly admitted students were also welcomed warmly for the coming winter semester. Chancellor of Mili University, Mr. Ahmadullah Morshid Safi, in his speech emphasized on the students’ responsibilities and called them the future lights. In addition, Mr. Safi advised the newly admitted students to utilize their potential and Mili’s facilities to achieve their academic goals.

Mr. Safi vowed every possible facility that Mili University possesses for the new comers, and asked them to use all their energy in fulfilling their society and parent’s dreams.

Mr. Sheer Hamla Saeedi and Muhammad Abrar spoke at this ceremony, representing the students. They promised to think of Mili University as their own home and will study hard. They promised cooperation with the university.

Student’s affairs’ deputy, Dr. Lutfurahman Aftab, explained Mili’s regulations to the students at the ceremony. He asked the students to obey all the regulations and do not let anyone violate these rules. He, in return, promised handling all the issues of students and will leave no room for complaints.

 At the end, top students were granted appreciation letters by the administrative staff acknowledging their hard work and struggle.