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Hundreds of students of the Mili Institute of Higher Education gathered in the auditorium of Khadijatul Kubra to celebrate World Teachers Day and to offer their respect and gratitude to the academic family of the institution.

The chancellor and academic vice-chancellor of the institute spoke on the occasion in the presence of hundreds of students and deans of the faculties. They both explained the great position and dignity of a teacher in society. They also made it clear that society can’t be improved and develop without the improvement of the role of teachers. The chancellor and academic vice-chancellor of the institute also emphasized that this war-torn country needs more support and sacrifice of our teachers and they have great many challenges to endeavor particularly, to train young generation in the modern world.

Students also in turn offered their respects to their teachers and presented their essays. “Our teachers sacrificed for the sake of educating us and they are the kindles that melted themselves to give us light”, a student said in her essay.

At the end, appreciation certificates were presented to the teachers for their hardworking.