Mili Institute of Higher Education is a safe home for international students and is seeking to improve the community of international students. The institution has a different office to assist international students. The aim of the office is to consult and advise international students from their registration to the graduation.

Whenever peace returns to the country, Mili Institute of Higher Education is the leading institution to attract foreign students. The institutions has nearly 180 foreign students in the faculty of medicine and stomatology. All the students are supposed to observe laws and regulations of the country and as well as the discipline of the institution. Students are also required to do their best in their studies to make the most of their academic program.

Besides all, the institution is uncompromising regarding any disrespect and immorality, therefore, every student is compelled to respect lecturers, staff and elders of the community and to have good moral character toward the community of Mili Institute of Higher Education.