About Research And Publication

Introduction To The Directorate of Research and Publications

Research is the backbone of every organization and society, because Research does not only explore things, but it builds knowledge and disproves lies, and supports truths.

Mili Institute of Higher Education like any other national and international organization, prioritizing research projects comprising; broad surveys, research reviews, and many other scientific and social researches.

Health research is in turn of high value and provides complementary insights for the betterment of society. concerning the importance of health research, Mili Institute of Higher Education is striving to carry out nifty and problem-based researches which contain surveys and complex analyze to ahold the feedbacks from real-world and compare and improve ideas, drugs, medical vaccines, and tens of other clinical experiences.

The research directorate of Mili institute of Higher Education presently has two main regular publication beside other research projects; Academic and Research Journal, and cultural and social magazine. Besides the journals and other publications, the research directorate is working in concert with partnered national and international organizations on multi projects of different nature.



To advance the future of research and innovation in Afghanistan and in the rest of the world.


Our mission focuses on:

  • To work with our partners to develop new research strategies.
  • To execute researches based on reality and experiments.
  • To enhance researchers’ abilities in finding solutions to problems and paving way for new inventions.
  • To develop a strong and better relationship with our partners and national and international organizations.
  • To expand awareness about the importance of research, particularly, the research community of Mili Institute of Higher Education.

Goals and Objectives

  • To assess the perception of the community regarding tens of diseases through surveys and complex researches.
  • To Improve access to real and key research information by contacting other top innovative research institutions.
  • To bring a research environment where every researcher can discuss his/her research strategies and plan for their implementation.  
  • To contribute with other researchers in implementing their researches.
  • To encourage other institutions to carry out academic researches to enhance overall research skills.