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Research Training programs

It is comprehensible and crystal clear to everyone that research is the only way to facilitate life and solve challenging problems of ever society, and research trainings is the only and best way to expand and share the research experiences of one person to another, and of one organization to another organization. Concerning this great importance of research training, the research directorate of Mili Institute of Higher Education is providing research training to the lecturers, students and to the staff of other organizations who are the partners of Mili Institute of Higher Education, particularly, the organization who has signed a memorandum of understanding with this esteemed institution.

Mili Institute of Higher Education has hired long-term master trainers to provide research trainings in the best form. Besides training on high levels for lecturers and researchers, the research directorate is providing tens of research training workshops for the student of this esteemed institution to help them to boost up their research abilities and to be ready for future complex researches.

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