Our Facilities

Law Clinic


Legal Clinic is an important part of Mili Institute of Higher Education and vital for the faculty of law and political science. It’s the practical platform for students and lecturers of MIOHE where students receive their practical experience by dealing with different legal cases.
Legal Clinic of Mili Institute of Higher Education is a part of the commitments of this Institution regarding social welfare because the Legal Clinic provides different legal support to families and individuals who don’t have access to legal representation.
This legal clinic not only offers legal support to families and affected people, but it provides consultation related to arbitration of legal affairs and awareness to people who have less knowledge about their rights.


The main objectives of the legal clinic are listed below:

  • To improve students’ legal practical capacities.
  • To aware public regarding their basic rights particularly, teachers and students
  • Providing legal support to people who don’t have legal representation.
  • Improving rights of people in society
  • Solving people’s issues and conflicts and improving national unity.

Features Of The Program


Legal Clinic of Mili Institute of Higher Education is a non-government and non-profit organization that offers many services. Some of the main services are listed below:

  • Legal support on many issues of different natures
  • Practical learning opportunities to students and teachers
  • Providing free legal consultations
  • Preparing legal briefs and arguments
  • Tackling legal cases and challenging it in the courts