Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan:
The strategic plan of Mili Institute of Higher Education is a sixty pages important document of the institution. The strategic plan set outs the priorities and primary issues of the institution.
A special committee was created for developing of the strategic plan and the process formally began on 1st, June, 2019 with round table discussions, interviews and surveys. Faculty members, senior administrative staff and community elders were also invited to the discussions to incorporate their views in the plan.
The committee of the strategic plan made up of scholars and experienced researchers and has the responsibility to revise the strategic plan annually.

Mili Academic Ranking Policy

Improving the capacity of lecturers, creating comfortable educational atmosphere for higher education, improving the capacity of staff, modern hardware and software equipment, establishing and strengthening relations with national and international educational institutions, strengthening bilateral relations with industry and labor market, training of young and specialized, innovative, committed youngsters and lecturers to be able to adapt and produce knowledge and contribute to the growth and development of the country.
To make Mili Institute of Higher Education most trusted and internationally recognized institution and create an active, diverse, innovative educational environment free of prejudice, discrimination, and an environment that meets only scientific standards.