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Dr. Lutfurrahman Aftab

Diretor of Research & Publications

Dr. Lutf Urrahman Aftab is the active director of Research & Publications of Mili Institute of Higher Education, he is a Ph.D. scholar and has a rich history of work experience particularly, in the field of research.

Dr. Lutfurrahman Aftab is leading the umbrella of the directorate of Research & Publications and always exerts himself to uplit research capacities of the students and lecturers by providing research training and carrying out practical research studies.


As the director of research and publications of MIoHE, it is great honor and privilege to lead this directorate.

Our research center covers a wide range of researches of different natures. we focus more particularly on public health researches and carry out other cross-sectional studies in the fields of law and political sciences.

We also facilitate and fund projects to promote quality research.

Besides that, we have international support for our research activities as we have signed MOUs with international organizations and working closely with them.

I strongly encourage you to meet us in our office openly and share your views and learn about the services we provide to our students, teachers, and to society. 


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    Diretor of Research & Publications/ Mili Institute of Higher Eduaction